Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chemistry Presentation

Today some chemistry professors from Willamette did a fun presentation for us.

First, they told us about safety.  Safety is the most important thing!

Then, they told us about combustion.  That is when oxygen and fuel react and make carbon dioxide, water, and energy.  We saw the professors make ethanol combust.  It was a really loud sound!

The professors also made gummy bears combust.  They called it screaming gummy bears.

Finally, they told us about how different metals make different colors when they combust.  Copper makes green, potassium makes purple, strontium makes red, and lithium makes red.  The professors put hydrogen (a fuel) and some salts with the metals in them in a balloon.  When they exploded they made different colors, like fireworks!

It was really fun.

1 comment:

  1. Isabel is having such a good time... something about a fire on the ground when something dropped sounded very exciting LOL
    Thanks for making it such a fun week!