Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We learned even more on Tuesday!

We made gold pennies!  We used sodium hydroxide, a burner, water, vinegar, salt, and steel wool.

We learned how to say the colors in Russian.  Red is krasny, yellow is zholty, green is zelony, and blue is seeny.

We started making paintings with wax.  They are encaustics.

In volcano class, we made the base of our model volcanoes.  We also learned about the three types of volcanoes: strato-cone, shield, and cinder cone.

At recess, we get to play four-square, "Down by the Banks," volleyball, Capture the Flag, back flips with the teacher, and Everybody It tag.


  1. I had a question about the pennies and Isabel didn't seem to understand what I was getting at. Are the gold pennies just really clean/shiny pennies, or did something get chemically stripped off the penny to get to something shinier underneath?

    1. The CrazyEngineer,

      The experiment was actually a chemical reaction between the copper of the penny and a sodium hydroxide and zinc combination. During the experiment, the students actually created brass. If you want to recreate the experiment with Isabel, there's a good description here:

  2. anna ~ writing a blog about their adventures is so great! we get bits of pieces of what you are doing at home (he proudly showed us his penny, told us about "down by the banks" and we sang it together, talked about volcanoes and learning russian), but it's so much fun to get the full picture so we can talk with ethan even more! thanks for doing this! he's having a great time. thank you! :) candace couch

  3. Anna - thank you so much for this wonderful blog and thank you for the wonderful camp experience that Henry is getting to be a part of. He is having an amazing time and we are delighted to hear all about his day. We also get a somewhat limited amount of information on what you all have been up too so this blog is very enlightening.
    Holly Atherton

  4. I loved hearing Isabel sing "down by the banks..." about the first 100 times, but now that we are past that it is in the 'driving me crazy' category LOL, I know she will learn a new song soon so it is really fine and she is having such a great time, THANK YOU!